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    Stop accepting new HTTP(S) requests

    Jess Holle Newbie

      Is there a way I can programmatically tell Wildfly to stop accepting new HTTP(S) and/or AJP requests?  Ideally this would be via JMX.


      I want to give it some time to finish any requests in progress, but I don't wish to accept any new requests, e.g. as part of a graceful shutdown (not really a suspend so much as a graceful shutdown so that other cluster nodes pick up the new requests and an attempt is made to finish requests in progress before shutting down this node).


      Note that I don't actually need any help tracking active requests -- I have my own servlet filter doing that.  I just need Wildfly to enter a state where it won't accept any new requests but won't terminate existing requests.  I don't even need it to be able to exit this state -- as a shutdown is the next step.


      I note that there is some graceful "suspend" capability -- but this doesn't appear to exist in 8.1.0.  Is it new to 8.2.0?  If so, I still don't see documentation on how to invoke it except via the CLI, whereas I want to invoke it programmatically from within Wildfly itself.  Is there any workable approach in 8.1.0?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Tomaz Cerar Master

          Graceful shutdown is a new feature available in WildFly 9.


          you could do :shutdown(timeout=600) to put server into suspend state and wait for 600 seconds for all old requests to be processed and than shutdown.


          there are also few other options but in general i think this is what you want. Also request tracking comes in WFLY9 by default as this is needed to do graceful shutdown correctly.