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    agent fail to start: Plugin [Platforms] is required by plugins [[Apache, Augeas]] but it does not exist in the dependency graph yet

    Rich Kucera Newbie



      Most of my agents are failing to start.   I have a few known good agents,  one of which I just copied for safekeeping, maybe I can use it.

      It seems to fail to download plugins.       I realize there is a JON ticket open for this very problem but I have no access to support at the moment.


      Does this happen a lot?   Where is the reset button?


      Failed to start the agent

      java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot initialize the plugin container

          at org.rhq.core.pc.plugin.PluginManager.<init>(PluginManager.java:191)

          at org.rhq.core.pc.PluginContainer.initialize(PluginContainer.java:290)

          at org.rhq.enterprise.agent.AgentMain.startPluginContainer(AgentMain.java:2066)

          at org.rhq.enterprise.agent.AgentMain.start(AgentMain.java:757)

          at org.rhq.enterprise.agent.AgentMain.main(AgentMain.java:461)

      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Plugin [Platforms] is required by plugins [[Apache, Augeas]] but it does not exist in the dependency graph yet

          at org.rhq.core.clientapi.agent.metadata.PluginDependencyGraph.getDeepDependencies(PluginDependencyGraph.java:329)

          at org.rhq.core.clientapi.agent.metadata.PluginDependencyGraph.getDeepDependencies(PluginDependencyGraph.java:342)

          at org.rhq.core.clientapi.agent.metadata.PluginDependencyGraph.getDeepDependencies(PluginDependencyGraph.java:342)

          at org.rhq.core.clientapi.agent.metadata.PluginDependencyGraph.getDeploymentOrder(PluginDependencyGraph.java:245)

          at org.rhq.core.pc.plugin.PluginManager.<init>(PluginManager.java:169)

          ... 4 more


      Thanks for any help,