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    Migration of old enterprise application on JBOSS 7

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      I have a requirement where I need to migrate my weblogic application on JBOSS 7.1. I am totally new to JBOSS and just started to get familiarize with the server. My question is, can anybody help me in any way to get migration plan for the requirement? I am new to the application as well and trying to find out application aspects that need revision. My application is using Servlet specification 2.5, Jeresy 1.17,Hibernate 3.2 and EJB (version unsure right now, lower than 3.0 though). I referred section "How do I migrate my application from WebLogic to AS 7 - JBoss AS 7.2 - Project Documentation Editor" of JBOSS guide, but feeling lost right now. Can anyone help me get started with the migration plan??? Any pointers to relevant information or even generic steps or comment on effort estimates would help.