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    Bug in WildFly http-remoting

    valsaraj viswanathan Master

      When I access remote EJB, the login credentials are passed into the custom security domain that is set for all EJBs. Here password is received in my custom login module as org.jboss.as.security.remoting.RemotingConnectionCredential@35ddbd0f.


      But when we login from browser, password is received as entered. What's wrong with remote calls?


      Here is my jndi.properties

        java.naming.factory.initial=org.jboss.naming.remote.client.InitialContextFactory java.naming.provider.url=http-remoting://localhost:8080 java.naming.security.principal=xxxx java.naming.security.credentials=xxxx jboss.naming.client.ejb.context=true

      I checked with latest stable version 8.2.0.

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          Sergey Kosarev Newbie

          I have same problem with wildfly10.10.Final




          private Object credential;


          /** Try to convert the credential value into a char[] using the
          first of the following attempts which succeeds:

          1. Check for instanceof char[]
          2. Check for instanceof String and then use toCharArray()
          3. See if credential has a toCharArray() method and use it
          4. Use toString() followed by toCharArray().
          @return a char[] representation of the credential.
          private char[] getPassword()


             char[] password = null;

             if (credential instanceof char[])


            password = (char[]) credential;


             else if (credential instanceof String)


            String s = (String) credential;

            password = s.toCharArray();




            Class<?>[] types = {};

            Method m = credential.getClass().getMethod("toCharArray", types);

            Object[] args = {};

            password = (char[]) m.invoke(credential, args);


             catch (Exception e)


             if (credential != null)


            String s = credential.toString();

            password = s.toCharArray();




             return password;



          but credential in my case is instance of org.jboss.as.security.remoting.RemotingConnectionCredential


          It does not have implementations neither toCharArray, nor toString methods.

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            Sergey Kosarev Newbie

            the problem was in server configuration. 

            remoting/http-connector/security-realm value was incorrect.