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    JBPM Console in offline mode

    Vladimir Vinn Newbie

      Hi Guys!


      My question is what should I do to completely turn off internet usage by jbpm-console.

      The console is deployed on server which has no connection to internet and never will have.

      I already faced couple of problems based on the fact that jbpm-console uses remote resources.


      Exact situation now: I can't deploy kjar from my local repo. It is ignored by jbpm-console though it is declared in settings.xml. It tries to download it from http://repo1.maven.org

      How should I configure the console to be able to upload kjar from local repo?



      And one small question again:

      I don't have "Administration" menuitem available. (this one)


      Which role enables it?

      User has following roles: developer,user,analyst,admin,manager,jbpm-console-user


      Thank you for your help!