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    guvnor-repository vs. Artificer


      All, random question:


      Admittedly, I'm not 100% on the history behind guvnor-repository and S-RAMP.  However, Artificer (the renamed Overlord S-RAMP project) has made big strides and is nearing the 1.0 release.  I'd be curious to see if there's any interest in collaboration or Artificer usage.  Based on a really quick look through guvnor - Revision 312: /repository/trunk/src/main/java/org/guvnor/repository, it looks like there may be a decent amount of overlap and Artificer could be helpful.


      Just a thought.  More than happy to discuss it further, provide demos, etc.

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          guvnor compile jars and publish them to a maven repository - just a file system exposed over http. There would be nothing stopping artificer picking those up and mirroring it - I think that was one of the original goals, not sure where that went.


          Guvnor-repository is a nio2 layer over JGIT, to abstract our interactions with GIT - I think we just renamed it to kie-vfs. So they are two very different things - it’s just  the word “repository” that they had in common.