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    Mapping stored procedures from SQL Data Source

    Anant Kumar Newbie


      When I try to import stored procedures from an SQL Database, the Name in source of the stored procedures are automatically changed from "originalProcName" to "originalProcName;1" in the source model and the stored procedure in the VDB is renamed as "originalProcName_1". Also, the output is not mapped automatically.
      It all works fine when each stored procedure is edited in the designer ( ";1" is removed from source name and Procedure Result is manually added as Procedure child, along with the appropriate columns as Procedure Result children ).
      Manually doing this may not be a feasible solution while adding a data source with several stored procedures to the VDBs.


      The target version of Teiid I'm using is 8.4.1 with Jbdevstudio 7.1.1.GA.


      Is this a known bug?
      If so, has it been resolved via some update or in later versions?

      If not, am I missing something?
      Is there some settings file I may edit to resolve this?
      Any other solution?

      Thank you for your time.