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    JDG 6.3 in EAP 6.e with Lizenz


      Ich habe an application jee 6 (ejb 3.1) with two instance of jboss node in Cluster.

      two instance jboss standealone with standalone.XML file.

      I habe sinde twi weeks Lizenz for the Red Hat jdg .

      I would like use inside my application map<String, String> as Cache withih my session bean stateless.

      map replication on bith instances.


      How can i solve it with jdg ?

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          I don't get it exactly.

          Do you mean use a local Map or a distributed one?


          If you need a distributed - clustered - cache you need to have JDG if you use EAP6.

          There are different modes to do so

          1) use embedded or library mode,

          your application need to add a dependency to JDG modules (which need to be downloaded from the customer portal)

          You have access to the cache which will be installed in the same JVM as your application and the EAP6 server

          2) Client server mode

          You install a different JDG server and configure the cache here

          your application need to add a dependency to JDG HotRod modules

          The cache is in a different (remote) JVM, this wil decouple the cache data and your application


          Note, in both cases you need to buy a JDG subscription additional to your EAP subscription!