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    rich:autocomplete and h:inputText column layout are different

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      I found the rich:autocomplete and h:inputText column width and height are different. Refer to the picture below, Name and Access Path are using h:inputText and Category is using rich:autocomplete, and you can notice the different.


      May I know how to standardize it using css style class?


      Refer to the code below, both are using same styleClass now, but still failed to standard the column size.

      ----------------- Code -----------------

      <rich:autocomplete mode="cachedAjax" minChars="3" autocompleteMethod="#{arBean.suggestCategory}" id="category"

                                         required="true" var="apList" value="#{arBean.category}" fetchValue="#{apList.category}"


                          <span>#{apList.category} - #{apList.name}</span>

                          <f:validateLength maximum="15" />


      <rich:message for="category" ajaxRendered="true" />  


      <h:outputText value="#{lbl['ap.pat']}" />               

      <h:inputText label="accessPath" id="accessPath" required="true" value="#{arBean.accessPath}" styleClass="input">

                          <f:validateLength maximum="50" />