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    DeploymentException: Missing deployment

    Mariyan Valchev Newbie


      I have an issue while deploying my .war project. I get the error:org.jboss.deployers.spi.DeploymentException: Missing deployment: AbstractVFSDeploymentContext@32785655{vfs:///D:/server/.../deploy/myProject.war} My war project doesn't have any beans, but one of the libraries .jar file(which is my project too) has and there i created empty beans.xml file. If i remove beans.xml from the .jar file everything works fine. So I debugged and found that there is BootstrapInfo class in Jboss weld integration that hasValueMetaData member which is null and it is not setted because .war project is not relevant.


      if (isRelevant(unit) == false)


         protected boolean isRelevant(DeploymentUnit unit)
         return unit.isAttachmentPresent(ArchiveInfo.class);


      For some reason there isn't that attachment and the result is false.

      I'm using Jboss AS 6.1.0 final and Java 6

      I'll be happy if someone help. Thanks in advance!