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    Additional stats that you might find interesting?

    Tom Jenkinson Master

      We are currently adding a few more stats to the items we are monitoring in Narayana as part of [JBTM-2341] Add two more statistics - JBoss Issue Tracker . We are posting this topic to solicit feedback from our community if there are any additional stats that you might find interesting for us to monitor for you while we are "working in the area"


      The stats we currently have are: https://github.com/jbosstm/narayana/blob/master/ArjunaCore/arjuna/classes/com/arjuna/ats/arjuna/coordinator/TxStatsMBean.java


      The ones we are adding are the number of rollbacks that are caused by environmental issues affecting the transaction manager itself, plus a stat to measure the average commit time.


      Also, there is currently no way to reset the stat count though the stats can be enabled/disabled at runtime. If you would find this useful please let us know and we can look to add that.