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    BinaryStoreException: Unable to find binary value with key...


      I'm having issues with binary properties not being found after some duration...  Here's the scenario;


      1. Using Modeshape 3.8.1.Final and configured FileSystemStore

      2. I have created a custom connector which is similar to the standard FileSystemConnector but enhanced for our application requirements.

      3. To get around MODE-2413 I am not using ExternalBinaryValue or a subclass of it when creating a binary values but just using the binary value factory directly and creating a new binary from a file's input stream (which I am not sure is the correct way to do it).

      4. To "publish" data I export a system view of a subgraph of the federated data, binaries included, and import it into another workspace in another instance.

      5. All of the JCR data is read only so no one is modifying the content through the application.


      All of this works well unless the system is not accessed for a while (for how long has been hard to tell but I seems to be about 12hrs or so, maybe more).  Then we start getting org.modeshape.jcr.value.binary.BinaryStoreException: Unable to find binary value with key... It seems like the binary values are being garbage collected. Why would these binary values be getting removed?  How can I prevent this?


      Any help would be great.


      EDIT: After checking out the defaults for garbage collection I can see that it runs first at midnight by default.  This corresponds to when we see this problem. Looks like the garbage collection really is deleting my binaries...