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    switchyard jboss apiman(RestAPi)  JBPM etc

    william simons Newbie

      Kickstart on API Management with JBoss Apiman 1.0 | Planet JBoss DeveloperI just wanted to thank the switchyard team markus  eisele   and his team for creating rest api

      I wanted to make this comment I really love the way spring integration handles jms with a gateway pattern

      In other words a web service will call a gateway, the gateway will call an excecutor service

      and you use command class to call your client. I have read spring integration, jbpm 5 and active mq


      Are you going with a spring integration pattern with rest api using switchyard????? I really really hope this happens ....In other words if you understand spring integration than you will understand jms rest api. I will personally love to do this with jbpm and in fact it makes things

      simpler            http://dev.cobalt.com/2014/01/24/using-asynchronous-gateways-in-spring-integration-and-springs-async-annotation/

      here is the gateway pattern here  



      I guess I would like some comment on this pattern  and I hope you provide a lot of code in the future!!!


      Thank you to all of the jboss team!!!