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    Is it possible to hot-update a jsp without reloading the application?

    nacio Newbie



      I've read about deployment scanner and auto-deploy-exploded. Both are working fine. The whole enterprise application is restarted when I modify my jsp, which is normal behavior, but I have good reasons to try to avoid this. Is it possible or shall I just give up?


      It's a very complex .ear with several .wars inside. The application is written with a proprietary framework for which I don't have all the sources and, even if I had, I'm not allowed to modify them. The actual problem is that the framework doesn't free all resources when the enterprise application is stopped - one specific example is a server socket, but there are others. This means that when I modify the jsp and wildfly tries to reload the application, it crashes and fails to start. I've reported this to the maintainers of the framework, the response to my bugzilla ticket was "this is expected behavior - restart the AS every time". :-/


      So it takes several minutes to restart the application. Since a jsp is something you modify a thousand times, this is making me crazy and development is painfully slow.


      I know a jsp has some complexity behind since the AS has to generate a java source file from it, then compile it and load it. So, is it impossible to hot-update it without attempting to restart the whole application? I'm using wildfly 8.1.0.


      Thanks in advance.