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    Performance problems, wildfly 8.1, MDB application

    Jaroslav Simak Newbie


        I have deployed an mdb application in Wildfly 8.1, which reads data from Websphere MQ and, after some xml parsing accessing, putx the data into a remote Oracle database.

         (There are actually 3 schemas on that remote machine). The MQ Manager runs on the same machine as the wildfly process.


         What I observe is - the throughput of the application is rather poor. Only few messages per second. And more significantly, the load, the wildfly process causes, is enormous. The process

         uses 25% of CPU, on a AIX box with PowerPC Power7, 3.1 GHz, 4 Cores, 64Bit.


         I have doubled some pool sizes, like threads and mdb pool size, to improve the throughput but no effect.


         I really can't explain the load. I tried to get some statistics - these are only some observation I got


         1) Surprisingly for me, only one DB connection from 10 is active. Often, all connections are idle.

         2) Nearly all worker threads are in "parked" state. There is hardly any thread which does anything.

         3) There are some SLSB called by the MDB but I don't see any statistics for SLSB, e.g. pool-available-count is undefined. (why?)


         Would somebody be so kind and give some hints, where to look or guide me through the analysis?


      Best regards