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    Entity expansion possible in Wildfly 8.2.0.Final?

    Florian Reiser Newbie



      I want to make certain parts of the web.xml file changeable per deployment-overlay without having to touch the other parts.

      A sample of that is the login-configuration section.


      Every deployment can have its own setting, but I do not want to have to copy the security-constraint section.

      So I use the mechanism of external entities to move the login-config section to a separate file which I can change with the deployment-overlay mechanism.

      This is the theory.


      In fact it seems not to be able to expand the external entity as I never get the basic login dialog, if I set the auth-method to BASIC in this configuration.


      If I insert the same fragment directly in web.xml, then everything works.


      Can you help me to get it working?