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    does setDirectory(new File("m:\\fold1\\fold2\\fold3\KahaDB")); work in partitions ?


      I am trying to create a directory tree in an specific partition of my hard disk, m:\ And I am running
      my Java ActiveMQ app in the F:\ partition. when I call:

      persistenceAdapter.setDirectory(new File("m://amqbroker//target//data//DIFKahaDB3"));

      does not work, neither:

      persistenceAdapter.setDirectory(new File("m:\amqbroker\target\data\DIFKahaDB3"));

      what it actually does, is that a single folder with name "m:\amqbroker\target\data\DIFKahaDB3"

      is created in my F:\ partition. what can I do to create my directory tree in m:\ partition

      Thank you so much for your help and time in advance