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    difference between jdbc datasource and resource adaptor

    john tan Newbie

      Hi all,

      I am studying "jboss connector" at the moment, i m confused by some of the topics.
      As far as i know, in order to create a jboss compatible resource adaptor, we have to implement JCA interfaces like managedconnectionfactory, managedconnection, connectionfactory and so on, then pack them into a rar file together with a ra.xml descriptor so that jboss can deploy it properly, up to now everything is clear.
      Then the jdbc datasource topic comes up, it is absolutely different story, i cannot find any connection between jdbc datasource and resource adaptor since jdbc driver doesn't implement JCA interfaces, how jboss AS treats it as a resource adaptor? Does jboss dynamically generate all those JCA implementations for standard jdbc driver?

      If anyone knows please advise. Many thanks.