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    Calling remote EJB from another Wildfly

    Stefan Schubert Newbie

      Hi all,

      My current problem in general is, that i have two Wildfly 8.2.0Final instances running on my machine.
      One of them holds a restful application that triggers a stateless session bean SenderBean when it receives a GET.
      Afterwards, this stateless session bean should invoke a method from a remote stateless session bean
      PrintBean, which is located on the other wildfly instance.

      I'll start of by explaining what i have done so far (maybe i missed something, i'm quite new to Java EE and Wildfly).

      I'm going to call the Wildfly instance with the SenderBean the Sender and the one with the PrintBean the Receiver.

      I created an Application user named Stefan with Password stefan, belonging to group guest on the Receiver. On the Sender, in the standalone-full.xml, i added a Security-Realm by putting

      <security-realm name="ejb-security-realm">


      <secret value="c3R1ZmFu"/>



      into the <security-realms> section. I also added a outbound-socket-binding by putting

      <outbound-socket-binding name="remote-ejb">

      <remote-destination host="localhost" port="8080"/>


      into the <socket-binding-group ...> section. Last, i created an outbound-connection, by putting


      <remote-outbound-connection name="remote-ejb-connection" outbound-socket-binding-ref="remote-ejb" username="Stefan" security-realm="ejb-security-realm">


      <property name="SASL_POLICY_NOANONYMOUS" value="false"/>

      <property name="SSL_ENABLED" value="false"/>




      into the <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:remoting:2.0"> section.

      I start the Sender with the CLI command standalone.bat -c standalone-full.xml -Djboss.socket.binding.port-offset=100 -Djboss.node.name=Sender and the Receiver with standalone.bat -c standalone-full.xml -Djboss.node.name=Receiver.

      The Local Stateless Session Bean on the Sender is called SenderBean:


      public class SenderBean implements SenderService {



      private PrintService printer;

        private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(SenderBean.class.getSimpleName());

      public void send(){

      logger.info("Trying to invoke"); this.invoke();



      private void invoke() {

      logger.info("Printing using remote ejb: "+s.print("Markus"));



      And the Receiver contains the PrintBean:



      public class PrintBean implements PrintService {


      public String print(String name) {

      return "Hello " + name;



      the problem now is, I always get a IllegalStateException that says EJBCLIENT000025: No EJB receiver available for handling ...

      Am I maybe doing something very wrong? I am fairly new to EJBs and Wildfly. You can find the project setup on Urr4/wildfly-communication · GitHub