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    Unable to re-position windows in the KIE Workbench

    Suchismita Subudhi Newbie

      Version used : 6.1.0


      Sometimes during re-sizing the windows they go out of proportion and most of the buttons or panels get hidden (e.g "Build and Deploy")

      In the 6.1 user-guide the section

      9.6.2. Repositioning

      talks about it, but it doesn't seem to work.


      What is the work aro

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          SANJAY GAUTAM Expert

          I would say that you should avoid re positioning, it is not that robust right now , secondly after repositioning you have to aply this trick if it works if you are in windows you just try to re-size it will work. 

          Second trick is that when you open a complicated process diagram and you see all your arrows getting jumbled up , just close the process diagram   cross button and reopen the arrows will get aligned to what you left last time.


          Sanjay Gautam