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    Why doesn't SAML20TokenProvider persist tokens to the token registry like SAML20AssertionTokenProvider?

    Sean Larson Newbie

      SAML20TokenProvider does not call a token registry to persist or fetch tokens whereas SAML20AssertionTokenProvider does.  Is there a specific reason for this?



      We configured the picketlink secure token server and used SAML20TokenProvider since it allowed us to create WS Trust tokens.  As we move to a clustered production environment we wanted to persist tokens to ensure that any given picketlink STS instance would be able to recognize and validate tokens issued by any other picketlink STS instance.


      If you look at line 134 of: SAML20AssertionTokenProvider  you see the following:

              try {
                  this.tokenRegistry.addToken(assertionID, assertionType);


      However if you look at SAML20TokenProvider it does not call tokenRegistry.addToken(). 


      Is there specific reason that SAML20AssertionTokenProvider adds the token to the token registry and SAML20TokenProvider does not?