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    RPC call in the cluster jboss 4.2.3

    sachin mishra Newbie


      I have 2 cluster nodes and they both have a particular service mbean.

      When a method is invoked on this service in one node, i want the same method to be invoked all other cluster nodes on the bean with the same name.

      I looked at HAPartition and use of callAsynMethod... but that doesn't seem to call the methods even on the local bean.

      Whats the best way to do this?

      2 cluster nodes have a particular TreeCache setup. When remove operation is invoked in node 1, i want to call remove operation on the same cache in node2 and 3 etc.
      Cache is not clustered and is running in local mode.

      Whats the best way to do ( Making the cache clustered is out of question )