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    EAP 6.1 fills the connection pool apparently without reason. Any tips?

    Alessandro Gelormini Newbie

      Hi, i have one jboss eap 6 with 2 xa-datasources. These are used by an ear (wich contains 2 ejbs that expose inside the ear db methods and other 3 ejbs each one with a timer routine that uses the previous ejbs) and other 2 separate ejbs that expose some methods to remote lookups.

      Datasources have connection pool; the most used datasource (4 jpa linked to it on 4 ejbs) has max size of 30. I noticed that after some time management console says that active count is 30 with 100% usage. The problem is that i've never seen the active count decreasing! Other datasource has an active count of 2 and a max used of 10, so it filled up and then freed connections; but the other is not doing that.

      How jboss manage connections? Why connections are not freed up?


      Since i'm using EntityManager in every session bean, i cannot create leaks (barely connections not closed). Is there some way to see how connections are distributed to ejbs? (maybe i can find which ejbs is using most of the pool).


      ps: I also think that the load on jboss is not so high to justify such a pool usage.