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    How to fix broken parent-child relations (NodeNotFoundInParentException)

    javagirlie Newbie

      Hello modeshape team,


      we're using modeshape 4.1 in a clustered environment and are experiencing serious troubles with NodeNotFoundInParentException when moving a node from one parent to another.

      This happens randomly and we were not able to track down the cause.


      We've upgraded to modeshape 4.2 last week, hoping that the cause of the problem will be fixed according to MODE-2418.


      But our problem is that the affected parent node is broken and its children cannot be retrieved, neither by query (having one of the broken children in the result set) nor by id.

      We have already tried various API methods to remove the node causing the exception (like javax.jcr.Workspace.move(String, String), org.modeshape.jcr.JcrSession.removeItem(String), ...) but everything failed as the node could not be loaded.


      We need to fix such broken relations in the parent nodes or to remove the nodes which cause the NodeNotFoundInParentException.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance, Susanne