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    Associate object, in Hibernate, via a Map of Sets:   Map<key

    Evan Toliopoulos Newbie


      Does anyone know how to associate, in Hibernate, to two classes via a map of sets:


      I have serached the forums and read all the Hibernate doco, but could not find such a thing explained.

      To give some context:

      +----------+ has +------+ departs from +---------+
      |DealBundle|----------------| Deal |------------------| Airport |
      +----------+ 1 0..* +------+ 1 1 +---------+
       |1 | 1
       | arrives at |

      I have an object, call it a DealBundle, which has a whole lot of Deal objects. The Deal objects are kept in multiple SortedSets which in turn are in a Map keyed by the departure Airport object.

      public class DealBundle {
       public long id;
       public SortedMap<Airport,SortedSet<Deal>>
      public class Deal {
       public long id;
       public Airport departureAirport;
       public Airport arrivalAirport;
       public float totalPrice;
      public class Airport {
       public long id;
       public long IATACode;
       public long name;

      I will appreciate any and every bit advice here because I am at a loss.