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    KIE Workbench- Script Task- Writing java code and imports

    Suchismita Subudhi Newbie

      I'm trying to model my project using KIE Workbench alone ( no eclipse involved)

      I understand that I shouldn't use Script task for complicated process.


      However, if I have chosen JAVA as my script language, I believe I should be able to import java classes and write Java code within the Script property.

      However when I try to (import java.util.Random) or try to use Random num = new Random(). It throws me error that it didn't recognize the type Random.



      1. Is it possible to develop not too complex business process using KIE workbench alone/solely ( as opposed to doing Jva coding using eclipse)

      2. Can we write normal Java code inside Script task?

      3. How do you propose to generate Random numbers using Data Modeler?