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    Jbpm6 . Asynchronous work-item and retry.

    Dinoop P Newbie

      Let me come directly to use case.

      I am having a number of work-items in my process say A,B,C. It starts in A--->B--->C order.

      In my case, B is a call to a 3rd party web service. C should process only if B is success. if the call to the web-service fails, system should retry after 5 min. The number of retries are limited to 3.

      How can I achieve this using Jbpm6.?

      Some options that I understand from doc are,

      1) I can use a work item handler. Inside work item, I will start another thread which will do the retries and finally it calls the completeWrokItem() method. But in this case my process engine thread will wait unnecessarily for the completeWrokItem() call. 2)I can use command for retry . But if I call command it will execute in another thread and the process thread will execute C. Which is not a desirable way

      How can I create a process so that, B will execute in back-end and will notify the engine that it can continue executing C?

      Please advice.

      Thanks in advance.

      Please comment if my question is not clear enough to answer.