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    Need help with defining Datasource (Postgres 9.3)


      Hi everyone, I'm new into JBoss 7.x.

      It took couple of years now, since last time I have contact with Jboss (it was 4.2.2 at the time), and I have a problem that might be simple for somebody familiar witgh 7.x or WildFly.


      I cannot create a Datasource for postgresql database. (In before I used Jboss 7.2 but jumped to Wildfly 8.2 cause my friend told me it will solve my problems, it hasn't)


      I have red some tutorials, and I'm doing the things with the jboss-cli.bat, but without any successes:

      last info is:



      E:\Workspace\wildfly-8.2.0.Final>bin\jboss-cli.bat --connect --file=configure-postgresql.cli

      The batch failed with the following error (you are remaining in the batch editing mode to have a chance to correct the error): {"JBAS014653: Composite operation

      failed and was rolled back. Steps that failed:" => {"Operation step-1" => "JBAS010441: Failed to load module for driver [org.postgresql]"}}


      I have created the org/postgresql/main folder, abd put there the jdbc jar for postgres 9.3.1102.


      It didn't helped.

      In 4.2.2 I just needed to drop postgres jar file to lib folder, and add one xml file with Datasource definition, and voila...

      And in 7.x I'm stuck.


      Please help.


      Best Regards.