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    404 error when trying to access Wildflys administration console

    Bogislav Kraljic Newbie

      So I have been trying to access the administration console in wildfly but everytime I try this i get an 404 error, however my wildfly is running and I can access any applications I create and publish on the server via eclipse.

      I have tried to change ports in standalone.xml and also tried earlier versions of wildfly (I'm currently using 8.2).

      I have also managed to to add an user with the add-user.bat and I have no problems whatsoever with this.

      Is there anything else I might try?

      I have tried the following so far.

      I'm currently using Windows 8.1

      *Different versions of wildfly *Deleting wildfly and install it again. *Changing ports in the standalone.xml and also opening ports via windows.