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    No ManagedConnections available

    kvikram Newbie

      Hi All,

      We are running a application which uses JDO in the database layer.
      Below is our configuration.
      JBoss 3.2.3
      Database : Oracle 9.*

      Very often we run into the below problem

      No ManagedConnections available within configured blocking timeout ( 60000 [ms] )

      We analysed and found that this problem is because our application is not efficiently closing connections. But luckily Jboss closes the connections for us. (i.e we do not do our house keeping properly and depend on Jboss). But for us to rewrite the Data access layer would take some time and we have to look for some alternative solution. We found out that there are some connection leak problems with JBoss 3.2.3. which have been resolved in higher versions.

      Can somebody advice whether moving to a higher version of Jboss maybe 3.2.7 provide us some intermediate solution to this problem?

      Thanks in advance