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    Dectecting automatically node with server advertise

    Pape Diop Newbie



      I implement the mod_cluster in a platform with 2 httpd web servers and 2 jboss nodes. In each network i have 1 one server apache and one server jboss.

      When I activate the mod_advertise. I only see for each httpd server the node which is in the same network. How can i proceed to detect my two nodes without using the proxy-list in the JBoss configuration ?


      Here is my default configuration of the mode_cluster in my apache configuration



      Listen 6666

      NameVirtualHost *:6666

      <VirtualHost *:6666>

              <Directory />

                      Order deny,allow

                      Allow from all


              ManagerBalancerName monLB



              ServerAdvertise  on


              AdvertiseFrequency 5


              ProxyStatus On