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    Wildfly 8.2 Jackson Class has no default Constructor

    Michael Burger Newbie



      I have an REST resurce which returns a PagedResult<Institution> Object! But with Wildfly 8.2 I get the error

      "Class it.siag.maps.infa has no default construuctor; can not instantiate default bean value to support 'properties=JsonSerialize.Inclusion.NON_DEFAULT' annootation"

      With Wildfly 8.1 everything works fine!


      I don't know why the JacksonProvider will inject my PagedResult with the default constructor if i creat it with an custom constructor!

      To say is, this problem occurse only on Wildfly 8.2 installed on my UBUNTU system, on RedHat or Windows it works fine!


      See here a snippet of my two classes




      @Api(value = "/institutions", description = "Api related to institutions")

      public class InstitutionResource {




          @ApiOperation(value = "Retrieves a list of all Institutions", response = InstitutionDto.class)

          public PagedResult<Institution> getAll(@QueryParam("page") Integer page, @QueryParam("rows") Integer rows,

                  @QueryParam("sidx") String sortIndex, @QueryParam("sord") String sortOrder) {


              List<Institution> institutions = new ArrayList<Institution>();

              Institution institution = new Institution();







              return new PagedResult<Institution>(institutions, 1, 1, 1);





      public class PagedResult<TEntity> {

          private final static Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(PagedResult.class);


          private List<TEntity> rows;

          private int currentPage = 1;

          private int pageSize = 1;

          private long totalItems = 1;


      //    public PagedResult() {

      //        super();

      //        logger.warn("BBBBBBBBBBBB");

      ////        try {

      ////            String x = null;

      ////            x.toLowerCase();

      ////        } catch (Exception ex) {

      ////            ex.printStackTrace();

      ////        }

      //    }


          public PagedResult(List<TEntity> rows, int currentPage, int pageSize, long totalItems) {


              this.rows = rows;

              this.currentPage = currentPage;

              this.pageSize = pageSize;

              this.totalItems = totalItems;





      can anyone help me?