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    Need help on which PicketLink project to choose

    Narasimha Gajje Newbie

      I have started exploring PicketLink to use in my java based project. My project requirements are like this.


      1. Have one java application with spring security running in firstJBOSS EAP6.3 instance

      2. Have other java web app with security framework running in second JBOSS EAP 6.3 instance

      3. First app(step 1) makes requests to second app(step 2). Like first apps exposed to public and second app acts client to first app


      Now I have to configure SSO between first app and second app since these two apps runs on two different JBOSS instances.


      I am not sure of which PicketLink project should I choose to meet my requirements stated above. Any help is appreciated.


      We are ready to knock of spring security presently been used in both the apps.