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    rigth information in database but wrong in view

    Khuong Dinh Pham Newbie

      I have probem with a application developed with ms sql and cmp2.0 . I have only work with postgresql and cmp1.1 before.

      The application is deployed successfull and I can insert and get rows from the database via entitybeans. The problem is that sometimes when I execute a finder (list all from "User"). The list contains the right number of rows but the last inserted row is showed all the way down.

      2005-09-05 11:36:29,171 (AppUserLoginServlet)[AppUserLogin] DEBUG oid:1
      2005-09-05 11:36:29,171 (AppUserLoginServlet)[AppUserLogin] DEBUG name:test2
      2005-09-05 11:36:29,171 (AppUserLoginServlet)[AppUserLogin] DEBUG passwd:test2
      2005-09-05 11:36:29,179 (AppUserLoginServlet)[AppUserLogin] DEBUG oid:2
      2005-09-05 11:36:29,179 (AppUserLoginServlet)[AppUserLogin] DEBUG name:test2
      2005-09-05 11:36:29,179 (AppUserLoginServlet)[AppUserLogin] DEBUG passwd:2

      oid | name | passwd
      1 | test1 | test1
      2 | test2 | test2

      I think I need to set some settings for ms sql or jboss, but don't know how

      Thx in advance