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    Need: Payed support on bugfixing

    Tosi MMS Newbie

      We are using jBPM for approval purposes in combination with an online shop. jBPM is deployed with jBoss wildfly in standalone version 6.1 final. Unfortunately, there are several bugs in jBPM we discovered during development. They are already reported to redhat via the jBPM issue tracker, but are not getting fixed. At least one of them already existed in the last mayor release version 5. Since the end of our project is getting closer and we believe, that these reported bugs are not going to be fixed until the end of our project, we search for someone, who can help us out fixing the bugs. We are not interested in a subscription of jBoss BPM Suite. jBPM does meet our requirements, besides these bugs that cause a frustrating user experience.


      It seems to be complicated to find someone, who is already experienced with jBPM source code. So why not directly searching in the community? If you know Java and have already taken a look into the code of jBPM, you might be the person we are searching for.


      Here is a list about which bugs we are talking about:



      integrated process designer tool

      There is a problem with the handling of special characters like German umlauts. If you have them somewhere in your process, save, close and re-open the process, they are converted to other letters. So there might be a problem with the encoding.



      integrated process designer tool

      When importing processes from a file, the importer does not work correctly at gateway with standard-gate assignment. It uses hash values from the file, but gives all nodes of the imported process new hash values. So imported hash values of the standard-gates do not match the new actual hash values the connections now have after import.


      https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBPM-4431 or


      integrated process designer tool

      If you have a multi-instance subprocess element and define variables on this element, you won’t be able to see these variables in the assignments menu of other elements inside this subprocess.




      If you hit the logout button of the workbench, the page reloads and you are logged in without entering your user credentials. They must be cached somewhere. Only after the second logout attempt, you actually get logged out.




      If there goes something wrong during login, you get to an “authorization failed” error page, from where you do not get back to the usual login page with input fields. You are trapped on this error page.


      Not reported yet, because it’s not clear how to reproduce

      integrated process designer tool

      From time to time, if you simply click on an element in your process, it gets attached to your mouse cursor. You then see the “is selected” box and can move it around with the mouse. Right click releases it to its original position, but clicking the element again repeats the procedure. Only left clicking drops the element, but you risk to not drop it exactly where it was before. It really gets annoying if you don’t realize the phenomenon and click somewhere in the right menu. Then your element jumps behind the menu and ruins your process layout.


      Don’t hesitate to ask about further information on these bugs.


      It would be ideal, if you delivered a patch to us after your work. Second best result would be compiled classes and instructions, where they have to be exchanged in the standalone deployment. Other deliveries are a matter of argument.


      Payment takes place by agreement and after clarification of underlying circumstances.

      Feel free to leave a reply here or contact me directly. (thomas.schindler [at] t-systems.com)


      Hope to hear from you.

      Thomas Schindler