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    [6.3] Getting "OutOfMemory" when running jboss-as-domain from init.d, but when running domain.sh from bin it works fine

    Jefferson Granado Newbie


      I'm having some wierd occurings on my environment..


      I have already set the min and max memory settings on JAVA_OPTS inside domain.conf file, and when I start JBoss EAP using the domain.sh available at bin directory, the servers all get started and everything works like a charm.


      But, when I try to run JBoss as a service, using jboss-as-domain.sh available at the init.d diretory, the servers crashes when starting and the errors point to a OutOfMemory error.


      There are any differences between the configurations when running directly from domain.sh or when running from jboss-as-doman.sh as a service?


      Thanks in advance!