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    Wildfly Application Client Starting Point

    Casey Bajema Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am really struggling to get started with application clients on Wildfly - there seems to be very minimal documentation or examples...


      First off,I can't seem to get @EJB injection working on Wildfly:

      - EJB interfaces are in a shared project

      - EJB immplementations are in an EJB project

      - Application client is in a Java FX project

      - All 3 are packaged into an EAR and deployed on the server.

      - The client is run from the command line using the appclient.bat on the ear#client.jar.


      Running the client.jar using appclient.bat gives an no EJB immplementing interface found error.

      Running the EAR#client.jar using the appclient.bat gives a connection refused error - adding the --host= parameter as per the docs gives an UnknownURISchemeException -> URI scheme is null.



      The same code works for Glassfish (but only in the clients main class, everywhere else it didn't work).



      Thank you,

      Casey Bajema