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    UTF-8 Encoding Problem


      I added following lines to standalone.xml after extensions tag . even in debug mode I can see it has been set



      <property name="org.apache.catalina.connector.URI_ENCODING" value="UTF-8"/>
      <property name="org.apache.catalina.connector.USE_BODY_ENCODING_FOR_QUERY_STRING" value="true"/>


      System.getProperty("org.apache.catalina.connector.URI_ENCODING") // returns UTF-8


      yet I still get this characters تایید مدیر before inserting object into database!

      I also registered servlet character encoding filter


      <web:character-encoding-filter encoding="UTF-8"
              override-client="true" url-pattern="*.seam" />


      I can't think of anything else. is there something that I'm missing ?


      PS : I'm using JBoss eap 6.2 (AS 7.3.0.Final)