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    Custom IDM Model with PicketLink Social?

    Akhbar Falafel Newbie

      I'm developing a JavaEE application that makes use of JBoss PicketLink for its security framework. I've implemented a custom IDM model to better support some custom security attributes that I need. Now, I'd also like to add social login, through the use of JBoss PicketLink Social. I've configured my app to make use of Facebook for social login, and it is working as expected.

      I've realized, however, that the User model object that is being used is the standard PicketLink org.picketlink.idm.model.basic.User class, not my customer User model object. This is causing problems in code that relies on those custom security attributes.

      Is there a way to tell PicketLink Social to make use of my custom IDM model, and not the standard PicketLink model?