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    How to terminate the Parent Process from subprocess at run time?


      I want to terminate the Parent process from sub process depends upon the user input at run time.For example i have an process like A in which i had an sub process Like B. In sub process B i have  three human activity. Every human activity should verify with customer whether he would like to continue the process or not . In case if the customer choose to exit the process then entire process should terminate .


      Process A model


      O->Script task1->process B(call activity)->script task2->O


      signal start->script task 3->terminate end event


      SubProcess B model


      O->human task1->human task2->human task3->O


      Here i have  terminate the process from the execution stage of human task2. I have tried some signal concept to terminate the process but i face some issues.


      I throw the signal from sub process and catch that signal at parent process as signal start then used the terminate end event node. for me the signal thrown and catches in parent process  and execute the script task 3 but again the control come backs to the subprocess B human task 3 and not terminate the whole process. is there any other way to terminate the entire process .Please anyone  advise me the possible ways to terminate the whole process even from the subprocess.