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    EAP security via cli

    Twaggz K Newbie

      Hi All,


      I trust that you are all well.

      There's a requirement I got from my project team to enable security on EAP via cli. I come from a Webpshere background and there's a process to rollout EAP on certain environments that were previously runing Websphere Application Server. I require your assistance with regards to the process or documentation that I can refer to in order to implement the process. The requirement is as follows:


      1. Enabling administrative console security and bind to AD.

      2. Generate a certificate request via CLI.

      3. Import the certificate once it's signed vi CLI.


      I need to perform the above three tasks via CLI and we've been testing on a standalone instance which was pre-build and configure using chef cookbooks - ultimately the taks will be incorporated into chef once the process is defined.


      Your assistance would be appreciated