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    SSL Certificates being removed causing unsecure Site

    Tilak Sharma Newbie



      We have installed SSL certificates in our web application that is hosted on JBoss EAP 6.1 version.

      When we access our application, we are able to see the secure PadLock Symbol in the address bar of IE browser.


      Inside our application, we are loading a Secure Site (e.g.: https://host.com/xyz). We are able to login into this site from inside the IFrame too.

      But once we click on Logoff button of this site (inside the IFrame), it redirects to its own Logout page, and Removes all the SSL certificates including the certificate of the containing application, causing the Site to be Unsecure.


      Is there a way to get a callback before it removes the Certificates and probably force it not to remove our certificate?



      Tilak Sharma