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    Switchyard v2.0.CR1 installer and roadmap

    Miguel Fernández Martínez Newbie



      I just noticed that a new folder called "v2.0.CR1" has been created in the download section (http://switchyard.jboss.org/downloads.html?dir=0%253Dv2.0.CR1%253B), but it is empty.

      This new version also seems to be available in maven repositories (as seen here: http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.switchyard).


      Is this version officially released? If not, when will it be released?

      Is it possible to find Switchyard EAP installers for this version somewhere?

      What changes does it contain?


      My client would like to include in their developments the final version of Switchyard 2.0. Do you have an estimated date for that? Will it contain a lot of changes from the CR1?


      Thank you very much.