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    JBPM 6.1.0 custom Human Task event listener is not working

    Soumya Bose Newbie

      In JBPM 6.1.0.Final I am trying to put a custom task event listener, so that I can write some of my code on create / complete of a task. I am doing the following -


      In my kie project's 'java/src/main' source directory I have created a custom listener class 'CustomBAMTaskEventListener' which extends 'BAMTaskEventListener' class. I have overriten some methods like 'afterTaskActivatedEvent', 'afterTaskAddedEvent', 'afterTaskCompletedEvent' with some print statement. And within kie project's META-INF/kie-deployment-descriptor.xml I have defined this task listener -




                  <identifier>new com.cordistech.task.listener.CustomBAMTaskEventListener()</identifier>




      But in jbpm while a new task is getting created, this listener class is not picked up. Cant see the print statements in jbpm console log.


      Can you please advise how to use my custom HT event listener in jbpm to achieve my requirement ? Any help will be really appreciated.