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    in trouble! need help

    z zl Newbie

      i have finished a app for searching in tomcat ,now i need deploy it in jboss.
      so i change the search to search.war.and copy to the path c:\jboss\server\default\deploy,and put a sybase-ds.xml to the path,which has been editted and the datasource name is "jdbc/hello"
      then a archive the jdbc driver that is "com/sybase/.." named com.jar and
      copy it to c:\jboss\server\default\lib.
      after that i start the jboss ,and there is a exception means the datasource name in web.xml not a jndi name,so i cut the "<ref-resoure>....." from the web.xml,
      then start the jboss again,it works well,aslo a information mens "java:jdbc/hello"datasource bunding.,but when i open a jsp page.appearing a exception,"the datasource invalid :no suitable driver"!
      so what's wrong ?could you help me ,i appreciate it ...

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          1 - Do not cross post.

          2 - Can you post the appropriate descriptors, the actual errors you are getting and appropriate sections of your code. Wrap these in [ code ][ /code ] tags without the spaces and use the preview button to make sure your post displays correctly.

          With this additional information it is a lot easier to understand what you are doing, at the moment all I can say is you have done it wrong.