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    WildFly 8.2.0 final (with HornetQ) JMS issue

    Pierpaolo Politi Newbie



      I have a problem interfacing my hornetQ JMS queue between a java class (Producer) and a C# class (Consumer) using STOMP protocol.


      I'll try to explain better my problem:


      1) I have an AS standalone (Wildfly 8.2.0.final) with this configuration file (see attached file). It starts correctly without problems.


      2) I have the following java class that insert message on the JMS queue created in Wildfly and called "testQueue" (see attached file "java Class.txt").


                -) this class is a simple example that insert  the message "Hello World" in the JMS queue for 1000 times (one message every seconds).


           It works fine. In fact, if I open the AS console, I can see the message count incrementing on my queue every seconds.


      3) I have the following C# class (see the attached file ) that should consume message from this queue using STOMP library  but the problem is that the "onMessage" listener is not raised when a message arrived in the queue.


               - I referenced in the program the following library: "Apache.NMS" (version and the "Apache.NMS.Stomp" (version (see attached files)


      When I start the consumer it subscribe correctly to the queue (in fact, if I open the AS console, I can see the "Consumer Count" set to 1) and it waits to receive message from the JMS queue where I subscribed before. The problem is that the OnMessage Function is never raised when a message arrived in the queue and so for me is impossible to analyze message.


      I have already tried different examples found in the net but all gives me the same issue.


      Please, Could you help me to solve it? I lost last week to try to find a solution but without results.


      Thank you