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    Consuming a JSON REST WS in Teiid Designer result in "Invalid REST connection profile" error

    jeffbicca Newbie

      Hi people.

      I am trying to consume a JSON REST web service that I've developed and deployed, following more or less the steps that are described into this wiki post (How to Consume a JSON REST Web Service in Teiid Designer). But unfortunately when I insert the URL for my service instead of the one from the tutorial I am getting the following error:

      "Invalid REST connection profile": "The return type for the connection profile is JSON. An invalid response was returned".

      Then there is no available REST response file for me to import.

      When I hit the "Test" button to check the state while creating the connection it's saying that the connection was successful.

      This JSON REST service is a GET request and the JSON returned into the response is something like this:

      [ { "state": "TO", "jobs": 49, "loadDate": "04-09-2014" }, { "state": "ON", "jobs": 4541, "loadDate": "11-11-2014" }, { "state": "QB", "jobs": 13, "loadDate": "08-09-2014" } ]


      Should I make any tweak in the response I am producing? Am I missing any step into the tutorial that I might be forgetting or doing wrong?

      Thanks in advance!