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    Wildfly 8.2 : Virtual host with redirection to webapp subpath ?

    Olivier Masseau Newbie



      Is it possible to define a virtual host that redirects to a subpath of my webapp ?


      Currently I have this in my standalone.xml :


      <host name="webdav" alias="webdav.domain.com" default-web-module="MyWebApp.war">
           <location name="/" handler="welcome-content"/>


      and in my jboss-web.xml:




      So when I open webdav.domain.com:8080 in my browser it correctly shows the root of /MyWebApp context.


      Now what I actually need is that webdav.domain.com:8080 redirects to a subpath of the context:   /MyWebApp/webdav/


      Is it possible ? And if yes how could I achieve this ?


      Thanks for any help