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    How to define "contextRoot" in standalone Graphene tests

    Christoffer Bromberg Newbie

      Hi, I started using Graphene and Drone to drive my Selenium tests. First of all, thanks for the great work from the Arquillian / Graphene / Drone teams and the Arquillian nobles :-).


      I was wondering if it is possible to use the @Location annotation with standalone Graphene tests (i.e. without using the Container management & deployment). It works for me when I use absolute URLs, but when I use relative URLs I get:

      org.jboss.arquillian.graphene.location.exception.LocationException: The location login.action is not valid URI and no contextRoot was discovered to treat it as relative URL


      How can I set the missing 'contextRoot'?


      Moreover is it possible to register additional objects for injection, i.e. let Arquillian / Graphene / Drone do injection of "managers" / context objects?