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    Multiple Versions of Same App each with different datasource

    Brian Paxton Newbie


      I'm looking to deploy multiple versions of the same application (one per customer) with each one connecting to a different database (one db per customer). So far, I've gone down the route of configuring JBoss to deploy each ear with a separate classloader


      to prevent naming issues. But now Hibernate can't find the classes in my .par file. I'm suspecting this is because the hibernate service is in a separate classloader too. Can I specify datasource in my ear file (if so, how?) so that the ear file is a complete standalone application or am I going down the wrong route completely?

      Current setup:

      |-- .par
      |-- .war
      |-- .ejb3

      Tried with datasource.xml file in /server/default/deploy also tried putting in .par & .ejb3 but the .par file is deployed before the datasource is bound(?!)

      Any help at all welcome